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The Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee is valid only between original purchaser and seller.  To be validated, an agreement form must be completed in its entirety and signed by both original purchaser and seller with an original obtained by each party.
To obtain a copy of the agreement form, please fill out the inquiry form above and request a copy from us. Upon receipt of the request, a reply to your provided email address will be sent as soon as possible, with a copy of the form attached.


All payments are to be in CERTIFIED FUNDS (cashier's check, money order, or money gram) and made PAYABLE TO DANNY LITTLEJOHN.  Payments can also be sent through WWW.POPMONEY.COM to seller using 903-241-0110 telephone number. Seller must receive payment in full prior to delivery of dog.

Mailing Address:

19764 FM 449
Longview, Texas 75605


Air shipping is available out of either Shreveport, LA or Dallas/Ft. Worth airports depending on the size of the dog.  Temperatures cannot exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Flight booking must be approved by seller (including airport, date, and time of flight).  Ground shipping may be available, if service is found by buyer, but must be approved by seller. The Gundog Express  and Vagabond Hound, Dog & Puppy Transportation service all the lower 48 states.

Shipping charges by the airline or ground vendor are the sole responsibility of the purchaser to be collected by the airline/vendor either on delivery (COD) or as agreed between purchaser and airline/vendor.  Seller is not responsible for shipping charges.  A fee is collected by seller for expenses related to delivering the dog to the airline/vendor and will be disclosed prior to entering into an agreement for sale.  This fee includes the expenses incurred for the shipping crate, health certificate,and travel expenses of the seller, and is only collected from purchasers requiring shipment.